About us.

Thanks to the many years of construction experience of our employees and supra-regional deployment options throughout Europe, we are experts in the construction of a solar plant up to its commissioning, maintenance and care. Among other things, we take over the civil engineering as well as the module installation and cabling. The inspection and green maintenance of the individual solar parks are also part of our expertise. 

  • Construction and maintenance company
  • Long-standing photovoltaic expertise
  • Founded in 2011 with headquarters in Hamburg
  • Highly qualified, competent team

In action for the energy turnaround

Reliable, highly focused and forward-looking: when our team sets off for the next construction site, everything has already been planned through from A to Z. Here, we rely on proven construction processes and a high quality standard. Thus, we contribute every day to quickly advance the energy transition and counteract climate change. 

Florian Gösch

Our managing director Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH), M. A. and MBS Florian Gösch has made his first experiences in the installation of solar systems already in 2000. After his studies at home and abroad, he supported the management of a leading photovoltaic company until 2009 and has been managing pvwerk GmbH since 2011. As managing director, he is responsible for the construction of more than 2,500 MW of PV plants to date. 

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