Our range of services includes all tasks related to the installation of a solar system up to its commissioning, maintenance and care. Among other things, we take over the civil engineering as well as the module installation and wiring. The inspection and green maintenance of the individual solar parks are also part of our competencies. 

  • High quality standards 
  • Fast response time
  • On-time realization
  • All services from one source


In the course of erecting a ground-mounted solar plant, we organize the efficient procurement and delivery of all necessary materials - from cable ties to safety fencing.

  • Efficient procurement & delivery
  • Complete site set-up
  • Logistical planning & control
  • Safety fencing & climbing-over protection

Civil engineering and site preparation

Solar parks are built on a wide variety of open spaces, such as former military sites. Since the necessary infrastructure is often lacking here, we take care of the construction of access roads. In addition, we provide the appropriate site preparation.

  • Civil engineering & surveying work
  • Construction of access & construction roads
  • Abstacle clearance & grading
  • Construction of fences & climbing over protection


We undertake the complete mechanical and electrical installation of a photovoltaic system. This includes, among other things, the installation of the module tables and the setup of the solar cells. In addition, we take care of their wiring as well as the connection to the inverter stations.

  • Pile driving
  • Frame construction
  • Module installation
  • Electrical installation

Route construction

In the context of commissioning a solar plant, an essential part of our work consists of its cabling with the grid connection. Here we take over all tasks around the associated route construction.

  • Cable plow work
  • Flush drilling procedure
  • Transfer & Travostationen
  • Connection to the public network

Green maintenance

During the operation of a photovoltaic system, we provide its professional maintenance and inspection. Among other things, we take over the green maintenance work of the areas. All work that arises is carried out reliably and promptly.

  • Green maintenance of the areas
  • Removal of mowed material
  • Snow removal service
  • Technical replacement service